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1. Now that I have work to do at work all day and blogging means sacrificing my precious personal time, it’s a whole lot less fun. Hence the absences. Also it’s become very clear just exactly how bored I was before.

2. Sometimes boredom is just boredom, and has nothing to do with Resistance. It took being not-bored to make it clear though.

3. Before I started the new job, which was almost six months ago now, and doesn’t feel like it, I was worried that years and years in the civil service had wrecked me for any more demanding work environment. I needn’t have–I can still work hard when I have to, and get a lot done. I also worried that it had nothing to do with being in the civil service and I was just always going to be bored at work. I needn’t have worried about that either. The new place is keeping me hopping: even a slow day here would have been a busy day before.

4. Some new people have been hired and I think that will ease the load somewhat. Also, I seem to be doing almost purely project management now, and not much of the techy stuff at all. I guess that means the Boss is happy with the supervision/project planning side of what I’ve been doing, which is good news. It’s also a huge challenge and learning curve because these are big projects worth a lot of money and involving tons of small moving parts. If I can pull this off it’s going to look very nice on my resume.

5. So as a result of all that I’m reading books about project management and management now. My introverted parts are very, very anxious. The thought of telling someone that they’re not doing well, or that the deadline is x and no excuses, is nervewracking. Anyway, this will definitely push me out of my comfort zone.

6. The Trader and I are looking at houses in Beyond Bob, just to see what’s out there and what it costs.

7. Anyone local up for a gingerbread house party? PP and I are planning one again this year.


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His profile photo shows him as a new father. This is a propos of nothing, really, except being mind-boggled because, wtf? Hello? You’re gross. I told you so. Please bugger off.

I’m refraining from replying until I can do so with a simple ignore, rather than a “ARE YOU COMPLETELY KIDDING ME?” Or, alternatively, “What’s the matter? Bored of your wife already?”

Anyway. Random observations that do not relate to icky old dates:

1. Work. Bored yet? Holy cow. WORK. This project’s in, this project’s out. That client is back, no wait, gone, no, back, no–gone. Three public meetings over two days, one involving over 400 people screaming, punching, standing on chairs with megaphones, and giving our client the nazi solute (because he’s German). The third, with a mere 95 showing up and some of them rude, was blissful in comparison.

I’m shocked at how horrendously my fellow citizens are behaving over this. So are the local media, which is a nice change from “evil awful corporate empire (of 10 employees) attemping to destroy our idyllic community” type headlines.

2. PP the sweetest bunny who ever hopped. No news there. She is reading the Narnia books, and enthralled. “Just one more chapter! Please!” Playing with her friends. Girl politics. Lots of colds. I am telling myself that it’s new-town germs.

3. Things with the Trader are going well. We’ve had some recent Drama but it was all successfully resolved.

4. I wrote something, or part of something. I might put it here behind the password, to see if any of you think it’s worth running with. I’m not sure what it’s about yet.

5. Brother, wife and nephew were to come to town this weekend for a family gathering. SIL wanted to come down to spend the weekend at the cottage instead. Internal Discussions Ensued. Brother will be coming down to spend time with the family; SIL and nephew to go to the cottage.

My family=completely batshit insane, even the ones who marry into it. It occurred to me the other day that my brother, given the way family patterns tend to repeat, might have married my mother. That would be scary.

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