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I’ve spent my week off doing all the things I won’t be able to do as often when we move to Beyond Bob. Going to my favourite fabric and paper stores, shopping up and down the fun little streets packed with niche stores, riding the subway and streetcars, meeting the Trader for lunch, taking PP to the museum, seeing friends, admiring the diversity of the neighbourhoods and architecture.

Everyone I’ve seen so far in Beyond Bob is white.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (cue Seinfeld), but wow, what a change. The Trader and I are going to stick out.

I will so miss my beloved subway. I’ll have to come back into the city often just to glory in public transit. You may think I’m crazy, but I hate driving. I’ll use the museums and galleries and shops as an excuse, but my real intent will be just to ride around on the stinky, unreliable subway while avoiding the eyes of the lady sitting across from me screaming obscenities about how she had a shower this morning and she’s allowed on the subway and FUCK YOU DON’T TRY TO TOUCH ME.

Oh and my river. I will miss my river in the big park where I ran on sunny PP-free evenings. And living across from the bookstore. Where will I find my bookstore?

How different from when I left the Ex and could not wait to leave that house and neighbhourhood.



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