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So the Trader and I have been talking about me meeting his son when he’s here briefly over the holidays.

I’d love to meet his son, but I feel awfully uncomfortable about meeting him before his mother knows about me. Not because of her feelings, but because I think that puts their son in a very awkward position, potentially, where he’s keeping secrets (even if he doesn’t know it I’m not sure that’s fair).

But the Trader is nervous about telling his ex because he fears she might pump their son for information or that it might otherwise make the situation more uncomfortable for him–although he does realize that he’d have to tell her about me eventually. There’s just been a lot of acrimony lately and he’s not sure that this is the time for it.

Which I understand–but it’s then my position that it’s not a great time for me to meet their son (who is in desperate need of a nickname. Anyone?)


Their son isĀ  a few years younger than PP but I think that even young kids pick up more than we expect or give them credit for, and if he introduces me as A Friend, he might still figure out in short order that I’m not a friend like The Trader’s other friends.


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Back away from the brink

Next time I’m just going to ask Meesha what’s going on. Who needs tarot cards?

Anyway. He was very contrite and made some commitments to change and I think we are most of the way back to normal, though I’m guaranteed to be hyper-sensitive to any perceived priority shifts for a while. And extra-skittish.

He certainly does apologies much better than the Ex ever did.

Now: last-minute article edits, finishing PP’s satanic taffeta dress (which is coming along quite nicely), making holiday cards and a couple of gifts, bunches of baking, putting up a tree, the usual December insanity. Two weeks until vacation!

What do you get for a boyfriend whose income so outstrips yours that there is no way you could possibly get him something he hasn’t already bought for himself? Besides a homemade scarf.

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When you have been out of the country visiting Priority #1 and were an hourĀ late for your date with your girlfriend the day after you got back because of a meeting at Priority #2 and then put her off again to pick up some OTC meds at Priority #3 (without telling her), and she is angry and hurt and thinking that this isn’t going to work after all, and you call and tell her you want to get back in her good graces by seeing her that evening, that is a bad time to tell her that you forgot something at home that your receptionist needs to have for her niece and so you are going to be late.

Because you wouldn’t want to give your girlfriend the impression that she is less important than your receptionist’s niece.

Just saying.

I am so angry I could spit nails. In fact, I think I will. But I’ll save them for whenever he manages to show up this evening.

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