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Plus sending out interview requests (so far, only two booked, but that’s ok; I’ll bug people again tomorrow), more edits on an essay, preparing for tomorrow’s interview, a draft of a school paper, a run, a shower, a hundred or so pages printed off of very bad science that I get to read for another article I’m writing, a flip through a market I’m studying, a bit of daydreaming, and yesterday (when they closed PP’s school b/c the watermain needed repairs so they had to shut off the water to the building) about 300 pages of a new schlocky sci fi novel that I’m not enjoying as much as I’d hoped. BUT I am now one book away from being able to buy another book (I have instituted a 5 books read/1 new book rule in order to work my way through the to-be-read pile before it takes over the apartment). And a post elsewhere. And an observation visit at PP’s school. And a bunch of housework. Not bad. I see the to-do list crumbling before my very eyes!


And now it’s time to pick up my bunny and listen to her day’s worth of adventures. Right as soon as my tea is done.

ETA: Got my first-ever freelance cheque today. It is small but mighty.


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The introvert brain has been totally overwhelmed by social stimulation this weekend and is desperately in need of hibernation time.

It won’t happen until Tuesday.

It’s at the point where I am staring at my to-do list (over 25 items on it b/w now and Tuesday) in a state of complete mental exhaustion. And not doing anything.

Then there’s PP’s observation visit at school tomorrow, an interview Wed morning, several assignments at school, a new volunteer thing Thursday evening, a party next Sunday afternoon, likely a date, hopefully a get-together with a friend next Saturday, and it won’t let up until mid-april.

I may have over-committed myself.

But PP and I did make a fetching sweater for teddy bear this morning.

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My stats tell me that you are not all feverishly clicking ‘refresh’ to find out how the date went–so I won’t tell you. :p

Just kidding. It was lovely. It involved homemade chocolate birthday cake. And we’re making plans for next weekend.

Went to a party this evening. Earth hour was honoured by turning off all the lights and lighting candles; the kids all crowded around the laptop downstairs, so incapable were they of living without electricity in some form for a couple of minutes. I brought glow bracelets for PP and some of the other kids and they were a big hit. (Pea, I was sad not to see you there! and PP was looking forward to seeing your little one too. Hope everything’s ok.)

Anyway, it was fun, and I successfully chatted up many friends of my profile subject, and PP played with lots of little kids and charmed the pants off all and sundry, so it was successful.

Here’s what I didn’t get done:

Run. Housework. Homework. New pitch. Laundry.

Ah, Sunday. I remember when you were a day of rest.

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nothing new

Except that it’s now been five weeks sugar-free (except on Saturdays, and my birthday) and it’s beginning to feel normal. As in, there are chocolate-coated shortbread cookies in the cupboard and I haven’t touched them since Saturday.

But holy hell, I miss sweets.

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It didn’t come up yesterday, but we did finalize plans for the weekend.

My father called this morning to wish me a belated happy birthday and let me know that he didn’t get me anything. I won’t hear from my mother.

I have edits due on an essay for Friday, and need to hunt up a couple of interviews, do some transcriptions, research, and write a pitch. Ought to keep me pretty busy, considering I have class tomorrow. And the date, and am getting together with a friend, and going to a party Saturday evening (half for work).

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All right.

I will say this: we are making plans for next weekend. So, that’s promising, right?

Here is a dilemma that I am looking for advice on:

Still getting messages on the dating site. I have no clue what to do with them, because that would be at least partially dependent on where things are heading with the RG. I feel really rude (my own hang-up, I should just get over it, but in the meantime) when I get messages and don’t read them; I feel really uncomfortable reading the messages when I am in a serious relationship (so when I was, with the SA, I took the profile down). In this weird in-between phase I haven’t got a clue what’s appropriate. So I’ve just been ignoring them and that doesn’t feel so great either. I hate it when people ignore my messages; I imagine guys feel the same way.

Is there any way to resolve this besides a sure-to-be-uncomfortable-and-possibly-premature discussion with the RG?

“So some other guys have been hitting on me–are you planning on monopolizing my time for the foreseeable future, or not?”

Or is date #4 an ok time to be having the what-is-this conversation?

And is there any way in English to express how much I loathe all of these possibilities?

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I survived.

Since I know you were all so worried about me.


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